Spotlight on London Business School, Master in Finance: Lily Chan

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Curiosity brought Lily Chan, Vice President at JP Morgan, to London in 2012. “Having grown up and studied in Hong Kong, I hoped to broaden my horizons by working abroad, so I seized the opportunity when it came up,” she says.

After studying politics and law at the University of Hong Kong, Lily joined global law firm Linklaters in Hong Kong as a trainee solicitor. Then, she took up an offer to relocate to London and qualify in the City, specialising in derivatives and structured products.

In 2014, still in London, she landed a role with JP Morgan and her career shifted from law to finance. “When I joined the front office, I became curious about the economics of deals as I was closer to the business. I wanted to expand my knowledge.”

Prior to studying at London Business School (LBS), Lily completed level one and two of the CFA, and subsequently level three while at the School. “I heard about the Masters in Finance (MiF), but I also wanted to take the English law qualification and CFA,” she says. Lily managed to do it all.

Bolstered by her complementary CFA knowledge, Lily developed the quiet confidence that she could handle the MiF curriculum. “Level one [of the CFA] gave me a broad overview of finance. Level two offered an in-depth dive into specific areas. Level three brought everything together,” she says.

So Lily joined LBS in 2015 with a solid foundation in finance, ready to add “more meat” to her growing knowledge. Why choose the part-time MiF? “The classes combined theory – how things work – and practice – how things work in the market right now.”

The average level of experience was a draw, says Lily. “Everyone is a working professional. This brings a different dimension to discussions as you exchange on current practice.”

Diversity in the classroom was also a big benefit. “My classmates had different career paths and came from all over the world. I drew knowledge from each of them on a personal and professional level. I also made great friends.”

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