Career Management

  • Manage and Future-proof Your Career
    Proactively managing your career has never been so important. The days when decisions made at university put you on a conveyor belt to the top of your chosen profession at well-defined stages are long gone. Taking personal responsibility for your career and making the most of your working life is...
  • An interview with David Porter, Managing Partner of Apposite Capital LLP, a private equity firm.
  • It turns out that post-event forecasts by analysts — specifically, those conducted after recent results or management guidance — are more on target than those of management, according to a study by AKRO Investiční společnost, a Czech investment firm.
  • James Irving, CFA explores the reality of losing your way on the journey to success.
  • Experts agree that the term “sustainability” has no single definition, nor is there only one way of addressing sustainability in investing. At its heart are the relevance and importance of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices, which vary between companies, industries and countrie...
  • The role of the analyst is not what it used to be. Changes in business models, advancements in technology, and cost pressures — not to mention new regulations coming down the pike — have all taken their toll on the profession. Today’s job market is more competitive than ever, and reaching the top...
  • “Marrying machines and behavioural finance is the next frontier,” says Concannon. “There’s a huge question mark over when those two will converge. Considering how important behavioural finance is to this business, that’s a major headwind.”
  • Sponsored article from London Business School highlighting their Master in Finance
  • A day in the life of Jonathan Platt, ASIP
  • “I oversee Responsible Investment. This includes the integration of Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) factors into investment processes across asset classes and geographies.”
  • "Impact investing is still a growing market and it’s exciting to be exploring and considering new investment opportunities that support that market growth and ultimately make a positive social impact."
  • What are the tactics for those who want to return to work but have not been able to access the appropriate programme? The strategy here is like any other career transition. The returner has to be proactive and take the long view, since any career transition usually takes six to 12 months. It’s vi...
  • Some Do's and Don't's for your LinkedIn profile.
  • Tips for making the most of your network of fellow CFA charterholders and CFA UK members.
  • In this webcast, business networking strategist Andy Lopata explores some of the key ingredients for a strong mentoring relationship.
  • Panelists Shawn Rutter, managing director at Excelsior Search, and Justin Zhen, co-founder of Thinknum discuss opportunities for investment professionals in fintech.