Software Engineer - JetOps Squad

London, United Kingdom
03 Jun 2022
28 Jun 2022
Job Function
Industry Sector
Finance - General
Employment Type
Full Time
Who are we?

PayFit simplifies payroll management and HR processes for SMBs. We have built a SaaS solution to help business owners and HR professionals save time and money allowing them to refocus on what really matters: their employees.

Through PayFit, employees have dedicated access to their payslips and are able to manage efficiently their leave and expense requests. To build such a solution, we have created our own programming language: JetLang.

Thanks to JetLang we were able to code Labour Code and collective agreements, and today we continue to add new features. We have set ourselves a mission to support the digital transformation of HR management through our ever-growing range of product features and services.

We have a strong presence in France since 2015 and have been quickly growing in Germany, Spain and the UK.

Today, we are more than 650 employees at PayFit and we all share four core values:
- Care for each other
- Always stay humble
- Strive for excellence
- Live and work with passion

We are committed to a culture of inclusion and an environment that enables fulfilment in freedom & responsibility.

A brief overview of the JetLang Platform Tribe

JetLang is a low-code platform created by PayFit to support PayFit's fast growth. JetLang is used by internal users, known as Product Builders, to create features and implement the business logic of local markets. It has a wide range of feature that helps Product Builders create experiences for our client such as:
- Custom UI rendering engine
- Generic data modeling and calculation system
- System to report to legal partners
- And much more...

You can learn more about low-code & Jetlang on our blog.

You'll join the JetOps squad inside the new stream Product Building Experience - PBX! We aim to bring the best experience possible to our low coders so that they can focus on building the product and delightful customer experience.

You may be wondering what PBX and JetOps actually are. This video was made for you: PBX in 10 minutes .

Your role: Contribute to improve and scale the platform

You will be a confirmed player for PBX - Product Building Experience Stream. Through its 2 squads, this stream aims at being the glue between Product Builders (our internal users of the JetLang Low-Code platform) and the global product teams.

It is responsible for the governance of the low-code build (think "IDE") & deploy (think "CI/CD") experiences.
You will:

- Design and build solutions that aim to improve Product Builders experience
- Shape the future of what is our low-code platform
- Collaborate with colleagues of different backgrounds (Design, Engineering and Product) to define and build a platform that serves the needs of our users
- Improve the team's current practices by challenging the existing ones when necessary
- Review your colleague's code and provide them with constructive feedback

Level we are currently hiring for

We are looking for a Confirmed Software Engineer who will contribute to the whole perimeter of the JetOps adventure.

Not sure you're the right fit?
Just apply and let's talk. We include everyone. We are listening to diverse candidate voices.

Want to know more about our epic team?
The PayFit Journey - Grab your spacesuit and join us!

Want to know more about our low-code platforms? podcast
Discovering low-code platforms and their origins

Want to know more about PBX and JetOps?
PBX in 10 minutes

We are looking for passionate and innovative people who want to build the next big success story with us! Do you recognize yourself in these words? Do you want to join an incredible adventure? Tell us who you are, what you've done, and what you're looking to achieve. We'll be more than happy to meet you

This job has been tailored for you if...
    • You want to build meaningful end-to-end features. We trust in your ownership and contribution from Day 1. You take care of the codebase from the first lines of code until production to release features that make sense for customers.
    • You take care of the codebase from the first lines of code until production to release features that make sense for customers.
    • You are willing to work on a variety of domains: user interface components, APIs, databases, deployment... We value the modern JavaScript ecosystem. You have a clear vision of web applications challenges.
    • You continuously maintain and improve quality across the stack. We reflect to have a Zero Bug policy. You know how to maintain a large codebase with best practices like tests, monitoring, alerting or logging.
    • You love to write. We share knowledge by writing things down. You have adopted the habit of keeping an up to date documentation for any kind of contribution.
    • You want to improve your workplace process (ceremonies, etc...) We believe in combining the discovery cycle and delivery cycle to impact our customers' work life. You are eager to iterate on our workflows to find the ones that work for us.
    • You are receptive to feedback, to be mentored and mentor. We're caring and make sure that everyone can grow. You will be empowered. You will empower others.
    • You love understanding the market, the customer needs and motivations. We focus on shipping impactful product changes. You are ready to get the hang of small and medium-sized companies Finance challenges.
    • You like the scale-up spirit: we continue to grow quickly and build pragmatically our products we manage the run, and we refactorize some parts of the current system
How we work
    • Frequent Releases. We get into a rhythm of finishing things.
    • Focus on Outcome, not JIRA Cards. We give you problems to solve, not just user stories.
    • Meet Time and Make Time agenda. We protect your time as a contributor.
    • The Triforce approach, made popular by Airbnb, postulates that a company can only make a real impact if the three pillars of Engineering, Design and Product Management work very closely together, rather than one pillar taking precedence over the other.
    • We're caring. We make an effort to create a place that challenges and supports us.
Our Tech Stack
    • 100% JavaScript Ecosystem: TypeScript, Webpack, Jest, React, React Native with Expo tools, Node.js ...
    • Docker images and containers to be ready the first day to push and deploy
    • A dedicated Design Studio team working on our Design System to avoid redesigning things every week
    • A Continuous Security best practices with a bug bounty program and a development security policy
    • Data exploration for insights and analysis from our internal data like Jira issues with Looker
    • Services monitoring dashboard built with Datadog
    • Continuous Integration with Docker and CircleCI
    • End-to-end web testing with Cypress
    • Writing things down with Notion
Hiring process
    • 1 Applicant initial validation: added value, key achievements, motivations, job match
    • 2 Phone/Visio interviews with a Tech Recruiter
    • 3 Interview with the Engineering Manager & Product Manager
    • 4 Live coding with members of the team
    • 5 Interview with Engineering Director
What we offer
    • An international and dynamic team with the opportunity to visit our different offices (Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, London, Milan)
    • A Work From Anywhere policy to allow for flexibility! Depending on your contract, live and work permanently in one of our 4 countries of your choice or work abroad up to six months a year!
    • 150 euros equipment budget to comfortably work from home
    • A gym at our Paris office and a Gymlib membership with preferential rates
    • Restaurant tickets card (Swile)
    • 20 weeks of maternity leave supported by PayFit and 4 weeks of partner leave (Signed the Parental Act)
    • Health insurance (supported to 60% by PayFit)
    • One day per year dedicated to volunteer for an association
    • A fulfilling and inclusive workplace, offering equal opportunities for any minority, disability, gender identity and sexual orientation. Don't forget: everyone fits at PayFit!

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